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Ronan ISO Certification

Ronan’s Quality System received ISO 9001:2008 certification from Perry Johnson Registrars in November 2003. Ronan’s Quality Management System (QMS) maintains effectiveness through internal and external audits conducted by Ronan, PJR, third party agencies and customers. Ronan’s Quality Management System is designed to meet a broad spectrum of quality system standards. The Ronan quality system possess a solid foundation of implemented ISO policies and nuclear quality requirements. The Ronan QMS has been established and adapted to work at various quality levels to meet the changing needs of customers. Ronan continues to reinvent and change the QMS to meet customer expectations.

Ronan utilizes modern quality assurance techniques and integrates them with a program that corrects and prevents quality problems.

Ronan’s quality system is supported by qualified and experienced employees who have played a vital role in creating a successful quality management system. The Ronan QMS promotes quality consciousness throughout the company and assists employees in contributing to the enhancement of product quality. Through years of continued product performance, Ronan has established a solid history of product reliability. Product surveys and customer input have led to progressive approaches in the design of state of the art products.

Our engineering staff continuously works to improve product designs to meet the changing quality needs of its commercial business, nuclear power and petrochemical customers. Ronan’s extensive in-house and independent test procedures make it possible to produce a certified line of equipment that meet industry standards such a NEMA, SAMA, ANSI, IEEE, ISA, CE, ATEX, IEC, UL, FM, and CSA. Research and development’s approach to creating new products goes beyond meeting design input requirements to satisfy customer expectations. Product specifications and performance characteristics of new products are derived from market research, which in turn is based on perceived customer need and preference.




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