Alarm Display

Ronan manufactured the first solid-state integrated circuit type annunciator on the market, assuring virtually unlimited system life and ever since then, Ronan has continued on as a leader in alarm display systems.

LED/Lamp SystemsLED Lamp System

Ronan’s popular and customizable series of Light Boxes indicate visual status from remote annunciator logic, PLCs and from on/off relay or solid state drivers.


AD AnnunciatorsRonan’s reliable Annunciator Systems are designed to display complex plant processes or process conditions by alerting operators through individual window panel systems.


Events Recorders

Sequence of Events RecorderRonan's X500F Sequence of Events Recorder stands as the most advanced alarm monitoring and fault finding data acquisition system across several power and process industries.

Fault Recorders

Ronan Fault FindersWith precise diagnostic capabilities, X100N prevents the unexpected shutdown of plant equipment by monitoring dry/live contacts, or logic level field contact inputs.


Ronan LED lamp Indicators
Ronan LED and Lamp Indicators combine craftsmanship with adaptability to be quickly and easily applied to your needs such as production testing, alarm indicators and more.

Serial Input Annunciator

Ronan Serial Input AnnunciatorSerial Input Visual Annunciators provide for a more economical and advanced technical approach than a conventional hardwired solution.

Mosaic Graphic Display

Ronan Mosaic Graphic Display
Ronan’s Series X71 Mosaic Graphic System  is ideally suited for display of industrial processes, power distribution networks, security and fire alarm networks.

Protocol Converter

Ronan Protocol Converter
Ronan X120-410 Data Converter Unit provides Protocol Translation between MODBUS, Allen Bradley and Ronan X120 and Ronan X500E Protocols.

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