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Ronan Event Recording AnnunciatorThe Ronan X11CB Event Recording Annunciator is designed for the process and power industries, offering the most advanced data acquisition technology and monitoring, along with Ronan's high quality and performance standards. The X11CB annunciator system is equipped with an integrated Interface Module that allows for an Ethernet connection to the Software Configuration and other applications. 

The system also supports industrial protocols which allow for communication with a host on a local or plant network.

The Interface Module continuously monitors system functions and Alarm Modules via a rugged CAN bus interface signaled by dedicated LED or relay contact closure.

The X11CB Annunciator system features one to four windows per module, allowing for a maximum monitoring capacity of 400 alarm points. 

Model Attributes:

  • Alarm Capacity: 100 alarm modules with up to four alarm points each on a single interface module
  • Remote monitoring through Ethernet interface
  • Event time stamping to 1mS resolution with date and time of day correlation when an external IRIG-B source is provided
  • Event recording capability with local IM storage up to 1000 events
  • Software configurable
  • Event history can be downloaded to open-source SQL database
  • Compatible with Ronan's X1000 SER and X110 Remote Alarm Annunciator
  • Network protocols: TCP/IP - UDP Ronan Proprietary, MODBUS over TCP, DNP3 (with optional X200 REC-UCM-2)

The MODBUS over TCP protocol allows users of PLCs and DCSs that are operating as MODBUS Masters to acquire the status of annunciator inputs or transmit alarms to the annunciator for process monitoring. 


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