Programmable Digital Monitors - X16PDM

AD X16PDM_revisedThe Ronan Series X16PDM features Ronan’s state-of-the-art digital input human machine interface and remote annunciators offered in standard chassis configurations. The Ronan X16PDM was designed for the needs of the process and power industries where field inputs and electronics are required to be some distance away from the display or indicating lamp cabinets, such as instrument Rack Room from Control Room, using multi-conductor light cabinet cables.

Model Attributes:

  • High density input field contact capacity
  • Remote status light output
  • Monitors internal routines and the communication backbone
  • Advanced communication protocols allow for interface with external host computer, local or plant network
  • Canadian and UL Approved
  • ATEX Approved


X16PDM Brochure

X16PDM Manual

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