Relay Alarm Annunciator System - X3

Ronan Relay Logic AnnunciatorThis relay logic based alarm annunciator systems is preferred in applications where extreme environmental conditions are encountered. In addition to the same basic function as the Ronan X2 Relay System, the X3 is the only relay system which can support 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series display windows. The X3 can also be intermixed within the same chassis and can support multiple sequences within the same chassis.

Model Attributes:

  • Normally open/normally closed field contact select-ability
  • Auxiliary contact outputs
  • Lock/non-lock select-ability
  • Available in all major ISA 18.1 sequences in addition to custom sequences
  • Over 30 years of field proven stability and quality
  • CSA Approved


X3 Brochure (If this file does not load on your browser, please contact Ronan). 

X3 I/O Manual


Ronan Annunciator Guide


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