I/O Products

Signal Conditioning - I/O products convert, amplify, display, retransmit and alarm based on the value of analog input signals.  Fast deliveries and custom scaling prove Ronans commitment to customer service.


IO Calibrator
With the X88, Ronan has outclassed the competition in the portable multi-function calibrator market.The Calibrator provides the accuracy needed for a laboratory grade type standard calibration.

Signal Conditioners

The X51N Series is suitable for today's space-limited control rooms. The product design packaging offers an ultra-high density combination of transmitter and alarm trip contained in the same module.


Ronan offers two product families for conventional signal conditioning: X54-200 and X54-3000. These transmitters can be adapted to meet your field, control room or system integration needs.

Loss of Motion Detector

This low-maintenance and reliable Ronan best seller - the Loss of Motion Detector X25 - can save you money in the operation downtime of your materials transporting equipment by quickly detecting the loss or reduction of motion.

Probes and Thermocouples

IP Thermo Wells
Ronan’s RTD Temperature Probes are designed to meet industry standards for accuracy, ruggedness and reliability. They are used with a wide variety of instrumentation such as Ronan X87 Process Monitors and X88 Calibrators.

I/P & P/I Transducers

Ronan offers complementary products for pneumatic control (I/P) and monitoring (P/I) applications. Solid-state pressure sensors and control elements offer cost-effective solutions with high accuracy, temperature stability and more.

Intrinsic Safety Barriers

Prevent explosions with Ronan’s X57 Intrinsic Safety Barriers, which not only hold electrical energy within safe limits, but also eliminate the possibility of an explosion due to excessive heat.

Process Monitors

Ronan's Series X87 Process Monitor features continuous monitoring of temperature, vibration and engineering unit parameters, collected from processes and rotating machinery.

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