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Remote Leak Detection Single-Point Annunciator – X76RA-4X

LD X76RA 4XThe Ronan Model X76RA-4X Remote Annunciator is designed to provide remote indication of alarm conditions generated by monitoring systems. The integrated ALARM TEST/ACK button is used to silence alarms and to test the unit’s alarm horn and lamp.

Typical applications include: high level/overfill alarm; low level reorder alarm; all retransmitted alarm signal conditions.

Model Attributes:

  • Weather tight, corrosion proof Nema 4 enclosure
  • Highly visible alarm indicator
  • Compact size suitable for small spaces
  • High frequency horn rated 80 decibels at 10 feet
  • Intrinsically safe interface


X76RA-4X Brochure 

Above Ground Tank Monitor – X76AST-4X

LD X76AST 4XThe X76AST-4X, Three-Channel Leak Detection System, is designed to give years of reliable trouble-free operation. Perfectly suited for the above ground storage tank owner, the X76AST-4X is supplied in a weather tight, corrosion proof, NEMA 4X enclosure.

Model Attributes:

  • Three-input channels and three-output relays
  • Audio and individual visual alarm indicators
  • NEMA 4X and chemical resistant enclosures
  • Multiple sensor combinations
  • Intrinsically safe interface

Compatible with:

  • Models LS-3, LS-6, LS-7, LS-30
  • HVA Liquid Sensors
  • PJT-2V and JT-2P Pressure Sensors

Typical Applications:

  • Above and belowground storage tanks
  • Oil/water separators
  • Emergency generator tanks
  • Waste oil tanks
  • Tank interstice monitors
  • Piping sump monitors
  • Low-level reorder alarms
  • High level/overfill alarms
  • Dispenser pan sump monitors
  • Multiple inputs from single tanks
  • Single inputs from multiple tanks


X76AST-4X Brochure

X76AST-4X Operating Manual

Secondary Containment Monitor – X76-4X

LD X76 4XRonan Model X76-4X offers the highest reliability for continuously monitoring secondarily contained tank and piping systems. The low maintenance and fail-safe design, combined with a weather-tight NEMA 4X enclosures, makes this product the best monitoring solution for the harsh environments found at service stations and industrial storage tank installations.

Model Attributes:

  • Expandable modular design with basic operator interface
  • Continuous monitoring for All Double Walled Tanks and Piping
  • High and Low Level Alarms
  • Positive Pump Shutdown
  • Remote Alarm Capabilities


X76-4X  Brochure

X76-4X Operating Manual

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