Probes and Detectors

Custom Oil/Water High Level Sensor – HLS-2

LD HLS 2Ronan’s Model HLS-2 Custom Oil/Water High Level Sensor is designed to monitor fluid levels within oil/water separators. The HLS-2 is installed into the primary tank to provide discrete indications of high oil level and high water levels. Typical applications for the HLS-2 are oil/water separator high level sensing and high level/overfill monitoring.

Model Attributes:

  • Stainless steel or brass, PVC, polysulfone, nitrile and beryllium copper
  • Years of trouble-free service
  • Custom lengths
  • Supplied with N.C. logic for fail-safe operation
  • Fixed or adjustable mounting


HLS-2 Brochure

Inventory Gauging Probe – 7100M

LD Gauging ProbeThe X76CTM uses the Model 7100M Inventory Gauging Probe for hydrocarbon and chemical liquid applications. The probe transmits level and temperature data to the X76CTM controller for conversion into net and gross product and water volume.

Model Attributes:

  • Constructed from 316 Stainless Steel, Buna N, Delrin, Kynar
  • Up to 24 ft. rigid; contact factory for longer lengths
  • Temperature: Up to five temperature sensing devices



7100M Probes Brochure

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