X96S Mold Level System

Mold Level RonanRonan Engineering introduces the new X96 ML mold level system with an unmatched update time of 10 ms, and fast "Cast Start" capability. The user is able to obtain high-speed sampling of the level of steel in the mold, giving better control and enabling the user to increase throughput and improve quality.

Ronan differentiates itself from competitors through its unmatched service and repair organization and innovations in technology to improve both safety and the ability to control the level of molten metal. In 1999 improvements in detector and microprocessor technology enabled Ronan to be the first in introducing the RLL Device with source activities generally 100 times less than the normal amount required. The lower levels of activity not only provide a safer working environment; they also exempt the user from having to obtain a Specific License, Wipe Tests and Surveys.

Ronan’s experienced engineering team will work with the end user and/or OEM company from the design phase of a project through the commissioning phase to ensure the seamless integration of the level measurement to the mold design and control specifications.

For mills where the user is already using gamma technology, Ronan offers a cost-effective solution to upgrade to this latest technology while utilizing existing sources, irrespective of original manufacturer. In cases where the user has a large inventory of detectors, solutions are available where those can still be used, thus increasing the cost-effectiveness of upgrading.



Mold Level Brochure

X96S Mold Level Gauge IO Manual


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