Radiation Low Level Source Holder

RLL is a Ronan Engineering term that stands for "Radiation Low Level." RLL technology utilizes up to a total of 0.9 mCi (0.33 GBq) of cesium source. In comparison, some conventional density gamma gauges use source sizes with a hundred times more activity to make the same measurement. Because of these very low-levels of activity, and their simplicity of design, Ronan systems are the safest gamma gauges on the market. The NRC recognized this in 1999 when Ronan Engineering attained certification for the first RLL source design. 

These are three times of RLL Source Holders: the RLL-1, RLL-1A, and RLL-2. 

  • RLL-1: one-ten 0.09 mCi (0.003 GBq) cesium capsules
  • RLL-1A: single 0.09 mCi (0.003 GBq) cesium capsule
  • RLL-2: strip source holder which accommodates up to a total of 100 µCi (0.004 GBq) cesium 137



Ronan Engineering also offers many more traditional types of source holders.  These are


GS-200/300 Stainless Steel

SA-1, SA-8 General Purpose


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