External Mount Fireproof Source (main)

Ronan Fireproof Source HolderExternal Mount Fireproof Source

The Ronan GS-400 Source Holder is a Fireproof Rated Design which mounts externally to the pipe or vessel. With a collimation angle of up to 90 degrees, it is ideal for continuous level applications where multiple sources would normally be required. 

The GS-400 is available in a variety of sizes providing shielding which meets all international standards for radiation limits, and accommodates up to 10 Curies (30 GBq), CS-137 and 2 Curies (74 GBq), Co-60. 


Ductile iron with epoxy paint as standard. Available in stainless steel or PVC coated ductile iron as options for harsh environments.

Up to 90-degree collimation angle

Fireproof design

Manual rotary shutter as standard. Options include: Shutter position indicator output, air or electric actuated shutter with position indicator contact output.


GS-400 Fireproof Source Holder Specifications Sheet



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