Stainless Steel Source Holders

GS-200 and GS-300: Stainless Steel Source Holders
Ronan Stainless Steel Source Holder

Ronan's GS-200 and GS-300 Source Holder are physically small cylindrical, stainless steel source holders which are designed for either external mounting or clamps or internal mounting in a well. They are ideal for installations where space is restricted. 

The GS-200 is collimated up to 37 degrees and shields up to 50 mCi (1.85 GBq) CS-137 (Strip or Point Source), while the GS-300 is collimated up to 90 degrees and shields up to 70 mCi (2.59 GBq) Cs-137 (Strip or Point Source). Both source holders meet all International Standards for surface radiation limits. 


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight: 25 lbs
  • Manual rotary shutter. Optional: Shutter position indicator contact output. Air or electric actuated shutter with position indicator contact output. 


GS-200 and GS-200 Specifications Sheet



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