X96SI/R Continuous Level Measurement

Ronan’s Radiometric Continuous Level Measurement System utilizing the X96SI/R Transmitter accurately measures liquids or solids contained in a vessel, even in the most complex processes.

Radiometric Measurement provides a safe and efficient, non-contact method to measure liquids or solids in industries including:

  • Mining and Aggregates
  • Power
  • Refining, Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Metals
  • Cement

The system can accurately measure process materials that are caustic or corrosive, abrasive or highly viscous, held at extreme temperatures or under high pressure, or contained in a vessel with an internal obstruction.


Continuous Level Brochure 

X96S Continuous Level IO Manual


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Continuous Level Data Sheet (Excel Version)


X96SI/R Radiometric TransmitterRonan Continuous Measurement

The new X96SI/R integrally-mounted transmitter includes a patented optical coupling that allows the transmitter and detector electronics assembly to be easily mounted to any detector configuration. The transmitter can also be remotely mounted in the field or control room. Fully Ethernet capable, configurations, software updates, and data logging can be completed easily through the user’s PC using a standard web browser. The X96SI/R is available in explosion proof, weatherproof or stainless steel housing. The system is backward-compatible to enable you to easily upgrade existing systems to newer transmitter technology. State-of-the-art transmitter-based electronics provide precision gauging. The system is menu-driven for simple programming. Built-in intelligence provides a range of features including:

  • Automatically compensates for:
    • Vapor density changes
    • Foam and gasses
    • Process build-up
  • Automatic source decay compensation
  • Auto calibration
  • Radiation discrimination
  • State of the art dynamic tracking of process fluctuations
  • Data logging and event recording
  • Adjustable time constant
  • Empty pipe alarm




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