To take ownership of radioactive sources, it is necessary to comply with all licensing requirements for the particular region in which your facility is located.   Ronan customer support is available to assist you with your licensing needs, and will provide you with help during your license applications and amendments processes.

U.S. customers please see for NRC licensing information.  Customers outside of the U.S. should contact the appropriate governmental agency for information on Import Licensing procedures for your particular country.

The U.S. NRC prohibits the exportation to certain countries, and restricts exportation to others.  Those countries affected change periodically and can be reviewed on the following links: 

Embargoed Destinations

Restricted Destinations

For Customers in Canada



Basic Radiation Safety Manual - General License

Basic Radiation Safety Manual - Specific License


Useful Links: 

U.S. NRC Licensing Information:

Embargoed Destinations:

Restricted Destinations:



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