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Our Global network of factory certified field service engineers are trained not only on Ronan products, but also on your applications. 



Ronan products are designed to be user friendly, with menu driven, intuitive prompts that easily allow you to change parameters and perform calibrations. In the event that you require a service engineer to be present during installation or start-up, we have a team of experienced engineers available to visit your site at very reasonable rates.


Personalized Training:

Ronan offers a variety of training programs, either at your facility or at the Ronan factory just 15 minutes from Cincinnati airport (CVG). Technical training programs are tailored to your individual needs and timeframe of availability. If Radiation Safety Training is your objective, Ronan offers a series of classes to meet your needs. For details please visit our training page. 


Preventative Maintenance:

To ensure maximum uptime, and your gauge is operating at peak performance, Ronan offers preventative maintenance programs. Programs are tailored to your individual needs and include: Shutter checks and repairs, wipe tests, checking of source/detector alignments, source strength surveys, system diagnostic checks and hardware/software upgrades.


Service Agreements:

Agreements include: Preventative maintenance visits, overnight shipment of parts, unlimited telephone support, prioritization above non-contract service incidents, and 24-hour response to your site.


Wipe Tests:

With certain sources the NRC mandates that periodic wipe tests be conducted and the readings documented. Ronan can provide you with the wipe test kits, instructions and will analyze your results.


Radiation Auditing:

Field Service personnel are available to audit your Radiation Safety Program to ensure that your company is in compliance with all regulations.


Source Disposals:

Because of regulatory requirements and safety regulations concerning nuclear materials, it is important to have sources disposed of properly. Ronan’s service group can assist you with disposing of any source, irrespective of manufacturer. A Ronan Service Engineer will visit your site and will assist in the supervision of source removal, preparation of required documentation and preparing the equipment for shipment with proper packaging and labeling.


Service Group Contacts: 

Phone: (859) 342-8500

Fax: (859) 342-6426

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