Radiation Safety and Technical Training


  • 40-hr. Safety Class
    Radiation Safety Officer Certification Course. Designed for people authorized to use or supervise the use of licensed materials.
  • 8-hr. Safety Class
    For individuals who are likely to receive an annual dose in excess of 100 mRem.
  • 2-Day Safety Course
    Recommended for personnel who require more in-depth training than that which is provided in the one-day course.
  • 4-hr. Basic Radiation Safety Awareness
    10 CFR 19.12 requires that all personnel who work in or frequent areas where licensed activities occur be provided training in radiation safety.
  • Technical Training
    Courses are tailored to meet the individual requirements of Plant Maintenance or Engineers and also for Engineering Contractors.

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With over 30 years of training experience, Ronan remains committed to providing quality training to our customers, when and where they need it. Whether you are looking for specific industry application expertise or product knowledge, our product training courses are designed to help you engineer, operate, maintain, and manage your radiometric systems to achieve peak plant and process performance, as well as greater up time and profitability.

If you are responsible for plant safety, we will assist with ensuring your training manuals and documentation are current, and meet all pertinent regulations, and that your personnel are properly trained in radiation safety.

Ronan offers regularly scheduled Radiation Safety Courses, these courses vary from basic safety programs to courses which certify you as a Radiation Safety Officer. If you cannot make one of our scheduled classes, we will be glad to schedule a class for you at your convenience, at Ronan or your facility.



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