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Radiation Monitoring Systems

X96S Microprocessor

No longer sold:

X96N Microprocessor



Brochures by Product Line: 


Alarm Display


  X3 and X9 Contact Ronan 

  X11SN Solid State 

  X11CA Computer Annunciator

  X11CB Event Recording

  X12 Contact Ronan

  X15 Explosion Proof, Single Point

  X16 Visual Annunciator

  X16PDM Programmable Digital Monitor

  X19N Single-point - Standard

  X19N Single-point, Horn and Beacon

  X71 Mosaic Graphic Display

  X100 Contact Monitor

  X100N Fault Recorder

  X110 Serial Input

  X120 Multiplexer

  X500F Sequence of Events Recorder


No longer sold: 

 X11 Solid State 


 X500E SER 









 Signal Conditioning/I&O

  X25 Motion Detector

  X40 RTD Brochure

  X51N High Density Transmitter

  X54-3000 Transmitter

  X54 Series Transmitter

  X55-300 P to I Converter

  X55-600 I to P Transducer

  X57 Intrinsic Safety Selection Guide

  X57 Intrinsic Safety Barriers

     - ZENCEN 

     - ZENER CSA Data Sheets

     - ZENUL

  X87 Contact Ronan

  X88 Calibrator Brochure



 No longer sold: 

 X80 Temperature Process Monitor

 X84 Temperature Monitor


      Leak Detection

         LS-3 Vertical Liquid Sensor

         LS-7 Horizontal Liquid Sensor

         LS-30 Hydrostatic Sensor

         X76AST-4X Above Ground Tank

         X76-4X Secondary Containm.

         X76LVC Leak Detection System

         X76CTM Tank Monitoring

         X76CTM-P Hydrostatic Tester

         X76RA-4X LD Annunciator

         X76S Leak Detector System

         7100M Probes












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