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Intrinsic Safety Brochure


An Intrinsically Safe Barrier is a device which limits the power (energy) which can be delivered from a safe area into a hazardous zone. Explosions are prevented; not just contained in explosion-proof conduit and housings. Not only is electrical energy (voltage and current) held within safe limits, but total energy is also contained, eliminating the possibility of an explosion due to excessive heat. Use of barriers and a total intrinsically safe design philosophy offers considerable advantages from cost and safety standpoints.

The following features indicate the clear benefits of choosing an intrinsically safe design instead of an explosion-proof design and reflect the unique features of the Series X57 family of barriers.

  • All components are immediately accessible - no time-consuming opening of explosion-proof housings.
  • Personnel safety is assured because of low voltage operation.
  • Standard wiring techniques in open cable trays or light gauge conduit save on material and labor costs during initial installation.
  • Calibration and maintenance can be performed with the system in an operational status as though it were located in a general purpose area.
  • Special skill levels are not needed to open heavy housings, test for gas, or shut down the process in order to service, or operate the instrumentation.
  • Barrier replacement is accomplished by simple exchange of plug-in modules. There is no need to disconnect wiring.
  • Barriers are manufactured in the U.S.A.( Valencia, California) and in England (Washington, Tyne & Wear)

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