IO Manuals

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 Alarm Display

  X2 & X8 Relay Alarm System

  X9 Explosion Proof System

  X11SN Solid State Annunciator

  X11CA Computer Annunciator Hardware

  X11CA Software Manual

  X11CA IM Manual

  X12 & X16 Split Architecture Annunciator

  X100 Contact Monitor

  X100N Ultra Alarm Fault Recorder

  X110 Serial Input Visual Annunciator

  X120 Multiplexer



 Leak Detection

  X76-4X & X76AST-4X


  X76CTM Tank Monitoring System

  X76 Leak Detector

  X76S Leak Detector Monitor System

  X76VS Leak Detector Monitor














Measurements Products

Basic Radiation Safety Manual - General License

Basic Radiation Safety Manual - Specific License

X90 Programmable Point Level Manual

X90 Non-programmable Point Level Gauge

X96S Continuous Level

X96S Continuous Level - Spanish

X96S Density Gauge 

X96S Density Gauge - Spanish

X96S Density Gauge - Portuguese

X96S Mass Flow Gauge

X96S Mold Level Gauge

X96S Weight Measurement System

XSD1000 Scrap Monitoring System




I/O Products

  X25 Motion Detector

  X51 Adj. Ramp Buffer

  X51 Computations Transmitter

  X51 Dual Channel Transmitter

  X51 Frequency




  X51N-472 Linear Integrator Transmitter

  X51N Dual Output, Dual Channel, RTD Transmitters

  X51N Linear

  X51N RTD

  X51N TC mv ma

  X54 Frequency Transmitter

  X54 Thermocouple Transmitter

  X54-200 Transmitter

  X54-201LSR Transmitter

  X55-300 P to I Converters

  X55-302 P to I Converters

  X55-600 I to P Transducers

  X80 Signal Indicator


  X87 Process Monitor

  X88 Calibrator 

























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