Interface Level

Interface Level and Process Density Vessel Profile Measurements

The Ronan interface system solves the problems of accurately detecting and measuring interface level, process density and product profiles.  By using non-contact technology, no components are wetted to the process, making it ideal for processes with harsh conditions, such as: high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, abrasive, or toxic. Typically, the measurement is repeatable to a process density of +/-0.005 SpG and ½ inch (13 mm) level. System configuration can be for Interface Level or Process Density Profile.

  • Motor Driven or Static System
  • Measures up to 100 Feet (30 Meters)
  • Ability to Track Specific Interface(s) or Profile(s) including Liquids, Gasses and Foam
  • Display of Interface Level, Source Level and Process Density
  • Ability to Adjust for Density Changes of Stratified Layers
  • Remote Control Capabilities



Interface Level Brochure

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