X96S Weighing System

The Ronan non-contact weight scale is an economical approach for solids weighing on belt and screw conveyors.  The system can be installed by simply bolting the frame around the conveyor, without the need to make any costly adjustments to the conveyor itself.  The lightweight, compact design enables it to be located in areas where space is a limitation and without the need for additional supports or foundations.


  • Most Measurements Made with Low- level Sources (0.9 mCi 0.033 GBq)
  • Automatic Zero on Empty Conveyor
  • Absorber Plates for High Calibration
  • Lightweight
  • Low Maintenance / No Component Wear
  • Batching Capability

Display and Outputs (Customer Selectable Units)

  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Rate
  • Totalizer


Weighing System Brochure

X96S Weight Measurement System IO Manual


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Weigh Scale Data Sheet (Weight Scale Data Sheet Excel )


Application Notes: 

Weight Measurement for Mining,

Cement or Metals Applications

Weight Measurement for

Food Processing Applications

 Non-contact Radiometric Mesaurement
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